Century - the advanced sit bath system

Fixed height sit bath system with touchpad-operated electronic control functions.

The Century - Technical information

Measurements and weights

Total length 1610 mm (63 3/8") 
Total width 850 mm (33 1/2 ") 
Total weight 105 kg (231 lbs) 
Water consumption (filled, with resident/patient) 200 L (53 gal US) 
Max total weight (filled) 420 kg (925 lbs) 
Filling time, 300 kPa dynamic pressure 3 minutes 30 sec 
Emptying time, drainage outlet at ground level 3 minutes 20 sec 




Frequency  Power consumption
Europe 230/240 V single phase AC 50 Hz  max 700 VA
North America 120 V single phase AC 60 Hz max 700 VA
Japan 100 V single phase AC 50/60 Hz  max 700 VA
The unit must be continuously powered and connected to separate fuse with ground fault interrupter.

Water supply

Cold water G3/4" male (customer connection) 
Warm water G3/4" male (customer connection) 
Operating dynamic pressure 100-600 kPa (15-87 psi) 
Rec. dynamic pressure 200-300 kPa (29-43.5 psi) 
Operating temperatures Min HW 38°C (100°F) Max HW 80°C (176°F) Max CW 25°C (77°F) 
Recommended temperatures HW 38-65°C (100-149°F) CW 10-18°C (50-64°F) 
Recommended water flow (CW + HW) 25+25 L/min (6.6+6.6 gal US/min) 
Minimum drain 100 L/min (26.4 gal US/min) 

Product specification

  • Digital display for bath water and fill/shower temperatures.
  • Advanced scalding protection.
  • Automatic filling.
  • Built-in functions to control and monitor the various different functions.
  • Pop-up drain incl. built-in overflow and flexible drain package for wall and floor connection.
  • Optional Hydromassage™ system with automatic disinfection function.
  • Optional Hydrosound™.
  • Dispensing system for shampoo and bath oil or ArjoSound™.
  • Optional integrated cleaning disinfection system.


  • Treatment hose incl. wall attachment.
  • Snap-on tray for toiletries.