The bathing process promotes a sense of wellbeing for residents/patients
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The bathing process promotes a sense of wellbeing for residents/patients; a warm bath eases the muscles and relaxes the mind.

ArjoHuntleigh provides a wide range of baths suitable for both independent and highly dependent residents/patients.

ArjoHuntleigh bathing systems ensure an optimum environment to support high quality care and good working conditions throughout the assisted bathing process.

We provide flexible solutions to meet the safety and comfort needs of central bathing areas.

Meeting changing needs

Our flexible systems can be adopted to meet the changing needs of patients and residents. The choice of bath lengths, bath shapes and options means the optimum system can be tailored to suit current and future requirements of different facilities.

Enhancing bathing benefits

Maximises the beneficial effects of bathing for mind and body. Our options enhance the bathing experience with the deep relaxing effects of Hydromassage™, the sensitive cleaning action of Hydrosound™ and the gentle sensory stimulation of Sound & Vision™.

Securing disinfection and hygiene

Having an effective way to combat the ever-present risk of cross infection and harmful microorganisms is vitally important. Our bathing systems offer easy-to-clean surfaces and an effective, well-proven integrated disinfection system.

Safety and quality

Our bathing systems are certified in accoradance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 as well as CE ceritifed in accordance with the Medical Device Directive. For optimum system performance, installation and servicing is carried out by our service technicians.