A fully automatic bedpan washer and disinfector

The Typhoon™ bedpan washer enables hygienic handling of reusable items such as bedpans, urine bottles, suction bottles and buckets.

Making tasks easier and safer

The Typhoon is very easy to use. Once the bedpans and other items have been loaded into the Typhoon (from an ergonomic working height), the space-saving sliding door locks into place and the holder then rotates 150° to empty the receptacles prior to disinfection, thereby eliminating the risk of spillage or splashing. Its unique View in Process (VIP) glass window enables the user to check on the processing progress at a glance at any point during the short cycle time.

Improving hygiene and efficiency

The performance and operating procedures of the Typhoon could play an important role in the infection prevention and control strategy of care facilities and hospitals. The photocell sensor on the door helps staff to maintain hygienic routines. Once the cycle is complete, the door will automatically open slightly in order to speed up the drying and cooling process.