Features & Benefits

Flexible Design

Available in a colourful polymeric casing with a stainless steel fitted chamber or a full stainless steel model.

Rapid Drying and Cooling Fan

HEPA-filtered (H13) cool air improves staff safety when unloading at the end of the cycle.

Automatic Door Function

Automated, by IR sensor or footpedal - supporting hygenic non-contact routines.

Pipe System Disinfection (PSD)

Rapid disinfection through all fixed and rotating nozzles in every cycles eliminates the risk of contamination.

Environmentally Friendly

Consumes exceptionally low amounts of water, energy and chemicals

Remaining Time Sequence Display

Displayed in ten second intervals, allows staff to check on cycle progress and work more efficiently

Flexible Ao-value and Control

The AO value can be set to 60 or 600 for greater efficacy against more heat resistant microorganisms. and the disinfection phase by either time, temperature or AO value to further shorten the cycle times.

PACS350 Control System

To aid survellience, record and track options available via both a printer or USB