Features & Benefits

  • Ao value display - disinfection levels are clearly indicated on the Ao value display, confirming that the appropriate level of disinfection has been reached.
  • Drying and cooling fan - the rapid and hygienic dry and cooling of recepticles with HEPA filtered (H13) air improves staff safety when unloading at the end of the cycle.
  • Pipe System Disinfection (PSD) - rapid disinfection through all fixed and rotating nozzles eliminates the risk of contamination, as the entire pipe and nozzle system is disinfected in every cycle.
  • Remaining time sequence display allows staff to check on cycle progress, enabling them to plan their workflow more efficiently.
  • Helps the environment - the Ninjo is designed to consume exceptionally low amounts of water, energy and chemicals, thereby reducing the overall impact on the environment and reducing costs.