This section contains an abbreviated reference list of published scientific research and clinical posters presented at National and International Conferences. Posters presented here encompass a variety of disciplines all related to ArjoHuntleigh's product and services portfolio.

Use Of Microclimate Manager (Mcm) Over Pressure Redistribution Surface - Jean M de Leon, MD; Michelle Fudge, PT; Stazny Duckworth, RN; Betty Garcia; Gina Kahakua, RN; Adora Lucius, RN, CWON; Melody Nagel, PT; Kristina Yarbrough, PA-C

From Rent to Own: A Business Case Primer to Help in Pressure Ulcer Reduction - Rose Raizman, CNS, Enterostomal Therapist & Renate Ilse, Director Surgical Program, Rouge Valley Health System, Toronto, ON

Simple Solutions for Low Air Loss Needs: Evaluating a New Surface - Rosemary Kohr, RN, PhD, Advanced Practice Nurse & Wound Care Specialist, Medicine Program, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario.

Impact of a Novel Powered Coverlet on Moisture Removal, Comfort Level, Odor Control, and Bacterial Management - Joyce Black1 PhD, RN, CPSN, CWCN, FAAN; Angel Delgado2 PhD; Anthony Rycerz2 PhD; Kristine Villarreal2 MS; Amy McNulty2 PhD, 1University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Nursing, Omaha, Nebraska and 2Kinetic Concepts Inc., San Antonio, Texas

The Effectiveness of the AUTO logic™ 200 System in the Prevention & Healing of Pressure Ulcers.

Guidelines for the management of a bariatric person in the community.

An evaluation tool: A necessity for bariatric support surfaces.

Guidelines for a hospital admission and discharge of a bariatric person.

Development of a standardized, objective support surface evaluation process.

The Effect of Long Term Care Bed Frames upon Tissue Interface Pressures

Comparing the effectiveness of alternating pressure air mattress replacement systems and air-fluidized integrated beds in the management of flap and graft patients: Four case studies.

Investigation of interface pressure changes on an air fluidized system.

Achieving handling excellence for the larger patient with a specialist ‘transfer chair’.

Effect of support surface design on skin temperature.

Changing clinical practice: The acceptability of evidence vs expert consensus in pressure ulcer care.

Pressure ulcer epidemiology in the UK: 2005–2006

Pressure ulcer prevalence: Benchmarking.

Speciality support surface selection for hospitalized obese patients (USA).

Back To Basics – Simple measures resolve a complex wound: Pressure off-loading & honey.

‘Thank god, somebody up there was thinking of us’. How patients and staff perceive their local healthcare provider.

An audit & a multi-centre survey highlight a knowledge-gap in the use of therapeutic pressure relieving devices