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Diligent™is an injury prevention programme, led by a clinical consultancy team that mentors and trains management and staff in mobilising residents/patients safely and early in the care process

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The majority of staff accidents in today’s healthcare organisations are associated with moving and transferring residents/patients within a facility.

Each unique and financially guaranteed Diligent programme creates lasting cultural change that will result in fewer resident/patient and caregiver injuries, help to eliminate avoidable Healthcare Acquired Conditions (HAC) and reduce the length of stay.

84% average reduction in injuries

The Diligent™ safe resident/patient handling program in North America has delivered an average ...

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Creating cultural change

Diligent™ is based on a really simple idea in which you establish a partnership with Arjo, tailored...

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Positive Eight Philiosophy

Both the Positive Eight philosophy and the Mobility Gallery are important cornerstones of  ...

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EWMA symposium proceedings

The proceedings of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) symposium are available to ...

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Arjo has developed a new consultancy solution, designed to help you improve your strategic planning and deliver quality care today and in the future.

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Care Thermometer

The Care Thermometer™ evidence-based tool provides an efficient and reliable overview of care locations where improvements can be made for residents/patients and caregivers in the physical care load and prevention policy.

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