At the center of our activities we place the residents and patients that are cared for using our equipment.

We also place great value on the welfare of healthcare professionals that care for them. Our products, solutions and services are designed with these people in mind and our task is threefold. We shall provide solutions that: 

  • improve the quality of life for patients and residents
  • create better working environments for the nursing staff
  • reduce the total cost of care

Our customers are those who share our belief that by providing better care and providing the proper tools for caregivers is critical to the quality and efficiency of care.

Our customers are also those who believe that preventing adverse events such as pressure ulcers, DVT, falls and caregiver injuries has a great effect on the quality and total cost of care.

These customers are found across the world ranging from long term care facilities to acute and critical care as well as other departments within hospitals. Wherever there is a need for our solutions, we will share our knowledge and provide our vast range of products, solutions and services.