Thursday, July 26 2012

ArjoHuntleigh acquires Acare Medical Science Ltd, ZhuHai China

As a member of the Getinge Group, ArjoHuntleigh’s Extended Care division is focused on increasing the quality and efficiency of care, through integrated solutions for the care of people with reduced mobility and related conditions.

安究亨特立作为 Getinge 集团旗下一员,产品覆盖整个延伸护理领域。多年以来,安究亨特立致力于为 活动能力受限及相关的患者提供综合解决方案,为提高护理质量,提升护理效率而努力。

As a result of this vision and commitment, we are pleased to announce that on July 3, 2012, ArjoHuntleigh finalised the aquisition of Acare Medical Science Ltd, ZhuHai China, a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical beds, specialist trolleys and medical carts.

为了履行这个责任,实现我们的目标,我们欣喜地宣布安究亨特立于 2012 年 7 月 3 日正式并购中国珠海 伯轩医疗科仪有限公司。珠海伯轩是一家集生产和销售医用护理床、护理工作车和配药车为一体的现代化 公司。