ArjoHuntleigh Careers Testimonials Sam Fan Long

Job Title: Global Product Manager

Where do you work: Suzhou, China

What do you do?

I work for Patient in Bed team from global product management. The Acare range, which we acquired in China last year, is one of my responsibilities. Besides that, I support our regionalized products that are dedicated for Emerging Markets. Product improvements and the new bed platform for Acare range are my current focus.

What is most exciting about your job? 

I am a team guy and like to interact with people. My role allows me to meet different people from different cultural backgrounds.  I enjoy that. But what really makes me excited are the opportunities and expectations which we have for this region. If what I do can make even just a small difference for our journey, I will be very happy. 

What’s surprised you most about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

To be honest, I knew little about ArjoHuntleigh when I was first exposed to this opportunity. When I talked with more people from the organization, I got more and more interested. I realized this is a company which is seriously looking at the emerging markets opportunity. Product development was something new in my career. But I believe I can bring some values here with my regional experience and at the same time develop my own competencies. That’s what brought me here. 

What’s in your view unique about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

Based on my short experience, I would say the way that our products improve care taker’s quality of life and the enthusiasm with which our people are trying to make them even better.