ArjoHuntleigh Careers Testimonials Pickens Lindsay Long

Job title: Account Executive

Where do you work: South Carolina, United States 

What do you do?

I provide safe patient handling solutions to hospitals and long term care environments for people of reduced mobility.  I advise healthcare providers on how to successfully implement patient handling and mobility programs.

What is most exciting about your job?

I am able to provide a product to my customers that truly makes their jobs and their patients safer.  Our solutions satisfy our customers by saving them money and allowing them to provide better care and outcomes to their patients.

What surprised you most about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

While ArjoHuntleigh would be classified as a large medical device company, it certainly does not feel that way when you work here.  Being out in the field, I have a direct line to anyone at our corporate office when I need them. 

What in your view is unique about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

At ArjoHuntleigh, people take a multidisciplinary approach to recognizing problems and addressing how to fix them.  There is constant discussion and action on how to make our company better and more efficient.  We are completely focused on customer satisfaction.