ArjoHuntleigh Careers Testimonials Melissa Echols Long

Job title: Manager, Contracts Administration

Where do you work:  US – Addison, IL

What do you do?

As the Manager of the Contracts Administration team, I am responsible for leading the Contracts Administration department as we work to ensure ArjoHuntleigh’s strategic objectives and corporate best-practices is evident in all of our business representations. Our department manages ArjoHuntleigh’s contracts as it relates to all areas of our business, including DVT, Patient Handling and Therapeutic Surfaces.  In addition, we are responsible for government contracts, business agreements and facility leases.  I assist with many aspects of our corporate business dealings, which affords me the opportunity to protect the business and our brand.

What is most exciting about your job? 

There are many exciting aspects of my position.  Probably the most exciting, is each day brings new and unique opportunities to support the organization as a whole. I have the pleasure of working with employees at all levels within the organization, not only at ArjoHuntleigh, but at Getinge and Maquet as well.  Additionally, as the healthcare industry is ever-changing, every day also brings a different challenge which allows for growth and new learning opportunities. I appreciate working with my team to support the organization with change, while reinforcing our values and strategic direction. I am motivated to work for an organization with a strong value system.

What’s surprised you most about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

As part of the ArjoHuntleigh team, I have experienced the supportive and energizing company culture.  The collaboration among employees and leadership is evident in all areas of our business. As I have continued to learn more about our business, the impact of our products on patients and healthcare professional lives is truly amazing.  The energy and passion demonstrated by our Sales and Service team members in improving the quality of life and safety of our patients and their caregivers is extraordinary. Having the ability to observe the services we provide is remarkable, especially when it’s clear that our products and services offer considerable value over our competitors.    

What’s in your view unique about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

I find ArjoHuntleigh unique in that every department and colleague is willing and motivated to achieve the organization’s goals while balancing those objectives with quality patient care and excellent customer service.