ArjoHuntleigh Careers Testimonials Chris Benne Long

Job title: Account Executive

Where do you work: USA (Cincinnati, Ohio)

What do you do?

As a Senior Account Executive for ArjoHuntleigh PHD I am responsible for sales growth and account management in my Ohio territory.  The position is multi-faceted and requires a willingness to understand many aspects of business: sales production, customer support, interaction with the internal group, and product/solution expertise. Ultimately, I like to believe that I provide clients with products/ solutions that positively impact their organizations position to its employees and the resident/patients they serve.

What is most exciting about your job?

In many regards, I am operating my own business, consequently motivation is not an issue.  It’s enjoyable to build a territory/business, also realizing the work positively impacts a lot of people.  The ability to provide products/solutions that benefit both patients and nursing staff members is very rewarding personally.  In today’s healthcare environment ArjoHuntleigh provides tools and solutions that improve quality and reduce costs- we have an excellent offering that makes the position enjoyable and intriguing.  

What surprised you most about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

I joined ArjoHuntleigh in 1999 based on interest in developing my skills in capital sales.  The concept of the “capital sale” and the opportunity to get involved in the hospital market was intriguing.  As I started my career with ArjoHuntleigh I quickly realized that we provided more than “good products”, but also excellent solutions that would help our clients.  Our solution selling propositions are even more impactful today with the current health environment in the United States.  Clients want great value at a reasonable prices that improve quality- our organization is perfectly positioned for these client demands.

What in your view is unique about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

We have the best products in the industry. Both on the bathing and patient handling side of the business.  Not only from an engineering standpoint, but also from a practical standpoint in terms of actual use with a patient or resident.  Our Diligent model is the industry leader and our ability to “guarantee” a reduction in the number of patient transfer related injuries shows are willingness to partner with clients.  When we can provide an ROI on their initial investment within a year or two, it really makes partnering with ArjoHuntleigh a smart decision from a business standpoint.  Finally, the people that make up the team are true experts in their field.  This gives us instant credibility with current and prospective clients.