ArjoHuntleigh Careers Testimonials Anna Weydmann-Kwiatkowska Long

Job title: Lean Trainer

Where do you work: Komorniki, Poland

What do you do?

I am a lean trainer in one of our production areas which means I constantly work with people, processes and machines. In cooperation with operators I try to identify and eliminate any kind of waste, implement improvements, look for better solutions and provide savings. At the same time, I support the resolution of issues in the production area, organize lean training and participate in a new product implementation. I like it when a lot is going on.

What is most exciting about your job? 

DIVERSITY! In fact, a lean trainer is not only a trainer, she is a COORDINATOR – who implements improvement ideas, she is an ANALYST – who analyzes processes to make it better, she is an CONTROLER – who monitors compliance with the standards and order,  she is a PSYCHOLOGIST – who listens to employees requests to improve comfort and safety of their work, she is an ARCHITECT – who designs and moves working-stations to improve ergonomics and finally  she is a COACH, who tries to help others understand that there is always something you can do better.

What’s surprised you most about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

That Doctor House (TV Series) uses beds from our factory☺. But seriously, I was surprised by how young and dynamic a team of employees work here. It's great that the company focuses on building talent and on constant development for its employees. It’s the people that make the company and its success.

What’s in your view unique about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

Firstly – a dynamic environment! The company is a market leader but constantly continues to grow and improve. These changes motivate employees to improve their skills and performance. Second inspirational factor is that ArjoHuntleigh provides products to increasing the quality and efficiency of care. It is nice to do something for others… even a very small extent☺