Job title: Key Account Manager

Where do you work:

The Netherlands

What do you do?

As Key Account manager I am responsible for the key accounts in the East of the Netherlands. The key accounts are the bigger customers or customers of strategic importance to us. Our approach is focused on solutions selling and guaranteed cost savings for our customers. It’s my job to manage all aspects of our relationship with “my” customers.

What is most exciting about your job?

I am responsible for the larger accounts and the strategically important accounts. Because these customers are also of great value for our competitors, it is very much challenging for me to build and maintain mutually beneficial long term relationships with them. In addition, I also support the junior account managers in their development of solutions selling skills. For this part of my job I also need to develop new skills like coaching and mentoring.

What’s surprised you most about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

The ongoing developments. Not only product development but also tools for cost savings for customers. Even after 10 years of working with ArjoHuntleigh I still develop and learn.

What’s in your view unique about working at ArjoHuntleigh?

The ability to develop products and tools that are superior to those of our competitors and that are based on customer needs and inputs. In addition, working with a team of dedicated employees, all having their own specialties but working towards a common goal.