Standing aid demonstration

Standing aids can encourage more mobile residents/patients to stand up independently. This helps to minimise manual handling by caregivers throughout a wide range of healthcare environments.

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...with people in mind

In everything we do, we do it with people in mind!

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The Citadel Patient Care System

The Citadel™ Patient Care System provides flexible patient care for hospitals that demand safety, security and efficiency from their bed frames and therapeutic mattresses in Critical Care, High Dependency Units (HDUs) and Med Surg.

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Active Compression System: The Convenient Choice

Flowtron® ACS900 Active Compression System delivers a simple, easy to use method of enhancing the circulation of blood in the deep veins of the legs, reducing venous stasis and helping to prevent the formation of DVT.

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Presenting the ArjoHuntleigh Guidebook

Now presenting the ArjoHuntleigh Guidebook for Architects and Planners - Functional Design for mobilisation and Ergonomics

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Getinge Group - Continuum of care - ArjoHuntleigh

Continuum of care

ArjoHuntleigh’s products, services and solutions contribute to Getinge Group’s continuum of care; caring for patients during recovery and addressing clinical needs for elderly care.

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Patient Transfer Solutions

ArjoHuntleigh offers an extensive range of lifters and accessories to meet specific patient/resident needs and to secure a safe, comfortable and dignified transfer as well as achieving a safe and efficient working environment for the caregiver.

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ArjoHuntleigh Products VTE IPC Garments Flowtron ACS800 Pump PlusTri Pulse Nurse Applying Garment

Vascular Therapy

ArjoHuntleigh's vascular therapy portfolio includes a comprehensive range of reliable devices and dedicated garments to facilitate safe and effective prevention of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), a collective term for both DVT and PE .

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Bathing Solutions

Hygiene Systems

ArjoHuntleigh hygiene products reduce workload, increase efficiency and improve quality of life for residents/patients.

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